DGH Engineering GmbH will provide you with a full range of products & services in the field of supplying industrial enterprises with manufacturing equipment, valves, control systems, industrial automations, pumps & compressors, measuring devices and their spare parts and accessories.

FCT was a pioneer in the development of the first prototype, a 13”5/8 API 15 000. This valve was built with the help of the EEC in 1995/1996 on the request of ELF/SHELL for the Elgin Franklin field. We had to perform an extremely demanding qualification procedure including over 1000 cycles, high and low temperature, etc. This valve was the first one able to operate against a differential pressure of 900 bars @ 185°C.

FCT supports you, as a technical supervisor by installation, testing & commissioning of valves, technical diagnosis & implementation of repair solutions, Setting up predictive maintenance, technical advice to optimize the use or choice of valve design according to your operational needs,theoretical & practical training on manual and motorized valves. FCT integrates in its intervention the actuators adapted to the valve and provides you with all the spare parts necessary for maintenance, in accordance with the current standards and your own specifications. FCT offers reconditioning services to extend the lifespan of valves and/or allow them to be reused on different lines. After a detailed expertise of each valve component and an analysis of your needs, FCT proposes a refurbishment plan, incorporating the latest technical advances, and supports you on the modification technical studies of your systems.